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timber sliding doors melbourne

We provide a wide variety sliding doors

A wide variety of styles and designs are available for both internal and external use with timber sliding doors in Melbourne. These doors move smoothly because they slide along a track that is fastened to the frame. When exterior sliding doors are opened, they can stack on top of a fixed panel. Internal sliding doors often slide along a channel or cavity that runs along the interior or outside of the wall. This layout conserves room because the door doesn’t need additional space to swing open. Our timber sliding doors Melbourneare adaptable and suited for a variety of uses, including separating indoor and outdoor spaces and acting as entrance doors for smaller rooms like bathrooms and laundry rooms.

They can be altered to have only one door open or to have several doors that slide in opposite directions and close in the middle. Our timber sliding doors Melbourne are made with high-quality glass and glazing, guaranteeing its dependability and longevity. We can make sliding doors that match the style and appearance you choose thanks to our extensive staining and finishing options. Our staff offers a range of designs and workable solutions that are customized to your unique requirements and the layout of your house or place of business.

Sashless double-hung windows

Since focusing solely on sashless windows, Huntingdale Timber Windows created a wide range of cutting-edge designs that are protected by numerous patents. Huntingdale Timber Windows are trusted by architects and designers to provide uninterrupted vistas, superior aesthetics, and optimum ventilation for a range of projects, including award-winning homes and historic structures.

Sashless double-hung windows are available from a Melbourne supplier

Our sashless double hung windows Melbourne offer a continuous and unobstructed view whether they are open or closed. Two glass panes are used in these windows, and they effortlessly slide past one another on hidden aluminum guides to give the appearance of being one solid piece. If you want a space-saving, modern style that nevertheless offers controlled, beneficial ventilation, a common choice is our sashless double hung windows Melbourne.

The performance and versatility of our sashless double hung windows in Melbourne are unmatched, and they can be used in both new and vintage buildings without the requirement for exact tolerances. Our assortment of aluminum windows offers double-glazing choices to improve energy efficiency and noise isolation.

Our sashless, double-glazed window is neatly divided in the middle by a transom bar, which gives it an architectural element. This design gives off a sleek and roomy appearance, enabling views that are similar to those from fixed windows without obstruction while still providing efficient ventilation.