Pros And Cons Of Artificial Grass

Grass has been the fundamental element of our nature. There will be hardly any region in the world where the grass is not available. Even in deserts or under the ocean, you will be finding grass. Grass has covered most area of our planet. For the human, the grass is perfect for adding natural beauty to the land. This is the reason that even in urban planning, dedicated places are given for parks or grass areas. In offices or home, people like to have some area that contains grass, as it adds the natural look and sense of freshness to their place. But having natural grass comes with its problem. The natural grass needs constant maintenance, water and maybe breeding ground for insects. This is the reason that people prefer artificial grass, especially for commercial or domestic use.

If we look into practicality then artificial grass is the viable and perfect alternative to natural grass. Using diy fake grass in brisbane comes with a long list of advantages but it also has some drawbacks. Here we will be listing down the pros and cons of artificial grass. 


  1. The artificial grass can be installed anywhere you like to. You don’t have to worry about direct sunlight or shade. Even they used as indoor grass. You can see many buildings with green area inside, which is only possible due to fake grass. 
  2. Artificial grass has a long life and takes no impact on its environment. You don’t have to worry about season variation because your grass will not get dry, due to weather change. The life of artificial grass is long and it can easily last for years with minimal maintenance.
  3. Artificial grass requires very low maintenance. This means you have to invest at the time of fake grass installation but after that, you don’t have to spend your money or any other resources on artificial grass. It doesn’t need regular watering or mowing and also it is free of any type of pesticides or fertilizers.
  4. You can easily DIY fake grass installation. This is also one of the reasons that artificial grass is getting popular. People prefer to DIY fake grass to save money and do it as a hobby


  1. The artificial grass is expensive to install. The first-time investment is quoted considerable but your investment will be worthy, as your grass will go long without any further investment. 
  2. The investment of installing on artificial grass is not limited to turf installation, but you also have to prepare the ground for installation. Usually, the installation is done by professional, they have to prepare the groundwork for the right installation. This groundwork is quite messy and also a bit costly. Because the ground will not be prepared properly then the grass will be unable to stay for longer. 

Might be you get the look of natural grass but fake grass will not feel the same. You will be unable to smell the freshness of natural grass from your fake grass. Your eyes can feel the greenery but the environment will seem fake. If you are a true nature lover, the fake grass will not be for you. For more details visit our website