Are You Suffering From Depression? Know These Signs

There are different signs that help us understand that we are suffering from depression. The very classic ones are getting hopeless and feeling extremely sad. What about feelings of getting snappy from time to time or getting constant stomachaches?

Whatever the signs – you need to ensure that you get in touch with a clinical psychologist, as it would turn out being quite useful for you. You need to understand this that depression will not always seem like debilitating sadness, there is more to it. The reason why proper counselling sessions are important is because patients are usually not willing to accept that fact that they are suffering from depression. They feel this may come across as a sign of weakness. But when you visit a professional for guidance you can accurately understand what the problem is with you. This is the key to healthy living. Make sure that you keep an eye on the following nine points about depression that probably you were not aware about.

You feel a sense of constant pain

Research reveals that pain and illness are linked to neurotransmitters and share biological pathways. Usually, people suffering from disease are dealing with continuous pain. One suffering from this disease may encounter a sharp neck pain or lower back pain. When you are not feeling mentally fine, your system tunes in with your body. Thus, you start feeling uneasiness and a feeling of discomfort. You may also feel having regular headaches or stomachaches. When people are not happy from inside, the brain starts to cope less and more emotion is indicated. This way you cannot handle pain easily.

You gain weight

You might have started to indulge more on late night snacks and ice cream. You also want to stay indoors most of the time, hence giving in to frozen dinners. When you are eating emotionally, you may end up gaining weight. Also, a recent research reveals that depression and stress could lead one to gain more weight and shedding could get tougher.

Encountering short fuse?

A small misfortune or mishap leads you to fits of anger or being testy or in an ill tempered state is your new normal self. Once when you enter the phase of depression, you want to stick around to the zones where negative moods linger, hence you are more irritable, frustrated and angry. Probably you have not reached the depression platform, but also not quite far away. It’s just a short walk ahead.

Feel numb

Feeling, numb… like nothing much to do? Usually, most of us get motivated in the mornings. We want to go for an exercise or have breakfast or simply want to get to the kitchen and prepare something. But nothing much would motivate someone who is depressed. A few things which at some point of time made them smile or cry seem to barely register. It’s quite much like a zombie behavior and everything feels cold and they want to stay detached and secluded. They push people away who want to come over and help them.