How To Keep Your Home Cool During Summer

In warmer months, when the heat penetrates into your house, you will feel sweaty and uncomfortable. At such times, you will struggle to find motivation to get on with your day to day work. Switching on the air conditioning during summer will require you to pay heavy utility bills. But, that is not the only way to keep your house cool. Below you will find some guidelines on how to stay cool and comfortable indoors during summer.

Avoid Working when it is Hottest

Do your house chores at night when the air is less warm. Chores like running the washing machine, ironing clothes, vacuuming carpets, baking and roasting meat should not be done during the day. Many electric appliances release heat and they can maximize the effects of heating in your body.

Block Sunlight

Keep your windows closed and concealed during the day to control the warmth indoors. Replace curtains with DIY electric roller blinds which are more effective in reflecting back sunlight and preventing the absorption of heat. They also allow you to regulate day light as you please.

Open Windows when the Sun Sets

You can open up the windows when night approaches. The warm air inside your house will be replaced will cool and refreshing air. Switch on fans to circulate the air indoors. This will help reduce any feeling of stuffiness.

Focus on the Exterior of Your Home

Plant trees that grow tall outside in your garden. Although, this will not pay off immediately, it is beneficial to you in the long run. Set up retractable blinds to the exterior of your windows. They will further prevent the heating up of your house by providing protection against sunlight. Paint the exterior walls in a light colour so it will reflect the sun’s rays.

Upgrade the Roof

Changing the roof of your house is an expensive procedure that will bring you long term benefits. Concrete and metal roofs are easily heated up. Replace them with material such as shingles and sheets that do not absorb heat. In addition, you can insulate windows to protect your house from heat damage.

Focus on Yourself

Homes are built to withstand weather changes but your body can easily wear out during summer. Drink plenty of fluids to prevent dehydration and eat less spicy foods. Reconsider your clothing choices and opt for cotton clothing to help you stay cool. You do not have to always turn on the air conditioning to combat heat. These tips will come in handy during summer when you are trying to stay comfortable indoors.